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The Guide to General Education English Courses is designed to accompany your English 100-Introduction to College Writing, English 200-Introduction to Literature, and English 300-Writing in the Disciplines courses at Western Kentucky University. Below you will find an overview of the courses, general descriptions of policy, research guides, help with writing your essays, advice on taking these courses, and the answers to many of the questions you will have about the general education sequence in English at Western. Your teacher may reference the guide to reinforce some of the policy issues or suggest that you use the guide to help you in your course work. Many of the policies have been generalized for the department, and your individual teacher's policies and procedures may be different. If you have any questions about policy, check the syllabus for your course, and make sure that you understand your individual teacher's policies as you begin your coursework.

General Education English at Western Kentucky

General Goals and Objectives for English 100

General Goals and Objectives for English 200

General Goals and Objectives for English 300

Sample Evaluation Guidelines for English Papers

Department of English Policy and Frequently Asked Questions on Plagiarism (Student Handout) PDF

A Word about Office Visits and Emailing Your Professors

Are You Ready for an Online Course?

Punctuation Made Simple

Help with Research & Documentation (Diana Hacker Online Guide)

WKU Writing Center

WKU Glasgow Writing Center

English 100 Sample Papers

English 200 Sample Papers

English 300 Sample Papers


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