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Sponsored Programs - When Your Grant Is Ending


No-Cost Extension Requests

In order to request a no-cost extension from your sponsor, please provide the following to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at least 60 days (ideally) prior to the end of the project:

The rudiments of your request (preferably sent by email) should include the agency project number, principal investigator (PI) name, project title, WKU 6-digit grant index number, award period, requested new end date, PI contact information, and approvals from the principal investigator and Dean's office. The letter/email should also include a clear justification statement based on how project objectives can be best completed with an extension, summary of progress to date, funds remaining, and timetable for completion.

The request should originate from the PI, and be routed through the appropriate channels within the PI's college to the Office of Sponsored Programs at sponsored.programs@wku.edu. If your research administrator or you prefer to follow the sample NCE request letter format, you may do so to assure yourself that you are providing the information that you best think that your sponsor requires.

The OSP will forward your request to your sponsor with urgency, since so much about the completion of your project depends on securing the sponsor's approval for the extension. The more information you can provide, and the earlier you can provide it, the faster the turn around will be.


Interim Technical Reports

Send a copy to sponsored.programs@wku.edu of any technical reports you send to your sponsor. 


Final Technical Reports

Send a copy to sponsored.programs@wku.edu of the final technical report you send to your sponsor.  Without the final technical report, many sponsors will not pay WKU's final invoice. 

 Last Modified 7/19/13