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KY Ad Astra Summit

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Session Descriptions

Keynote Presentation: "Using Data to Drive Student Outcomes & Efficiencies" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Sarah Collins & Dr. Tony Honeycutt
Session Description:  Don't just measure, get better! Overview of the system of metrics used by Ad Astra to break down high-level outcomes into granular success drivers. These metrics provide actionable data to manage academic operations and track progress toward high-level outcomes such as completion, productivity and affordability. Learn about the research done by Ad Astra and the industry averages in key metrics around course access, capacity and resource utilization.

Case Study on Somerset College

Somerset Community College experienced an impressive 31% FTE enrollment growth from 2008 to 2012. Even more impressive is that they were able to serve that many additional students while increasing the course offerings/sections in their class schedule by less than 5%. In this way, growth was internally financed by efficiencies resulting from a more targeted faculty and space resource allocation and the additional tuition revenue.

Breakout session description for the 2013 Kentucky Ad Astra Summit:

Title:  "Efficient Schedules - A way to save money, improve student success and grow revenue" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Doug Roberts, Amber Moreland & Dr. Tony Honeycutt
Session Description:  Would you rather cut $200,000 or generate new revenue of $600,000? In this session we will look at the financial impact of developing more efficient course schedules. We will review the reports available in Astra Schedule and Platinum Analytics.


Title:  "Accounting 7.5.7 and Beyond" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Jenny Hulsen
Session Description:  Preview Object Accounting in version 7.5.7.  Invoices, Estimates, Discounts and more...  See all the updates and how accounting can be configured to work for your campus!


Title:  "Cloud Application Hosting and Managed Services" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Stacey White
Session Description:  Prepare for an explanation of cloud computing that is light on technical jargon but heavy on concept.  This session will cover the benefits that a cloud environment brings about, such as freeing up your institution's IT resources and lowering cost of hardware needed.  Find out about managed services and what's included.


Title:  "Scheduling Preferences & Running the Optimizer" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Jessica Steenbergen
Session Description:  Session attendees should have experience with scheduling in Ad Astra.  This session will cover the importance of scheduling preferences, utilization of space, and optimization.


Title:  "Role, Role, Role Your Boat" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Bruce Manley & Lora Woods
Session Description:  Proper role configuration is a cornerstone of Astra Schedule. KCTCS's System Security Coordinator will present lessons learned in configuring roles and security, and how we currently manage roles. BCTC is a leader in KCTCS for role architecture, and their Astra Schedule Administrator will explain their role configuration and their decision-making process when assigning roles. We hope you will find that when you set up roles properly, everything goes 'gently down the stream' after that!


Title:  "Astra Upgrades / System Tips" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Chris Moore
Session Description:  A generalized technical overview of upgrading Astra Schedule based on Western Kentucky University's recent upgrade to version 7.5 including some "Tips & Tricks" learned along the way. Topics will include upgrade preparation, upgrading onto new or adjacent servers, examining log files to ensure your instance is healthy as well as backup and recovery strategies. I hope this will be interesting to anyone that is typically involved with upgrading or supporting Astra regardless of technical background.


Title:  "Creating and Scheduling for Clearer Pathways to Completion" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Sarah Collins
Session Description:  Course access is a key aspect of student satisfaction hopefully leading to improved graduation and retention rates.  Platinum Analytics is our patented system designed to review several types of data to determine the appropriate number of seats and section an institution should offer in order to adequately meet students' need.  Join this session to learn more about how institutions are mobilizing Platinum Analytics results to make high-impact changes to academic schedules.


Title:  "Accelerate Toward the Goal:  Scheduling Vehicles in Astra" - Download Presentation - Handout 1 - Handout 2
Presenter:  Malinda Hudson & Melinda Holbrook
Session Description:  Henderson Community College uses Astra Schedule to request and schedule their vehicles. This session will discuss how the college uses Astra to manage their fleet. Topics covered will include setup of vehicles, approver groups, request forms, creation of vehicle calendar for portals and the security needed behind the scenes to control these settings.


Title:  "Setting up Astra to Handle CPE Reporting" - Download Presentation
Presenter: Doris Settle
Session Description:  The purpose of this session is to show how Western Kentucky University used ASTRA to incorporate the Facilities D/B into the existing buildings and rooms we used for scheduling events and sections.  By doing this we are able to create the CPE (Council on Postsecondary Education) Building and Room Files each year that go to the state.


Title:  "Simulated Registration" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Sarah Collins
Session Description:  The simulated registration process provides a "sandbox" pre-registration and informs the system of seat, time, and student conflict issues in the existing schedule.  This information can then be used to make schedule re-alignment decisions.  They may choose to add new sections, change times, delete sections with enrollment below the minimum, etc.  Come learn how simulated registration can help your students succeed!


Title:  "Event Scheduling 7.5" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Amber Moreland
Session Description:   See first hand enhanced event scheduling functionality with Astra 7.5. New features in event scheduling will also be discussed.


Title:  "Data Visualization Dashboards" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Stacey White
Session Description:  These state-of-the-art engaging charts and graphics bring multiple viewpoints into a single view allowing you to roll-up and drill-down to monitor resource utilization, bottlenecks, prime-time and other measures of space management, course demand, and overall efficiency against institutional goals.  Coupled with a Strategic Scheduling Checkup, you can track the key performance indicators of efficiency, capacity and student success at your institution as compared with like institutions.


Title:  "EXAM Scheduling" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Stephanie Hooker & Jessica Steenbergen
Session Description:  This sessions will discuss the process for exam scheduling.  How to set-up the exam types, create conflict rules, room preference settings and associate courses.


Title:  "Customized Calendars" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Melinda Holbrook
Session Description:  This session will discuss how to set up Activity and Scheduling calendars within Astra 7.5.6. Topics that will be covered include developing and assigning default filters to calendars, using role permissions to limit users to specific calendars, navigation in activity and scheduling calendars and filtering and overall functions available in each of the calendars.


Title:  "Tracking and Analyzing Audiovisual Equipment in Astra" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Doris Settle
Session Description:  The purpose of this session is to show how Western Kentucky University used ASTRA to track and analyze our Audiovisual equipment.  Room features will keep up with any audiovisual in any given room.  Specific equipment details are kept up with in Equipment & Services under Resources.  This session will review our steps in defining the features and necessary information that must be maintained on our Audiovisual equipment, how it is stored in ASTRA and the specific reports we used to track it.


Title:  "Event Requesting & Activity Calendars" - Download Presentation
Presenter:  Jenny Hulsen
Session Description:  Take a look at Activity Calendars!  How to embed Calendars into your Website, build filters and options, and how to get your campus excited about calendars!  We'll also take a look at the event request process.  How to get the most out of your event request template to make requesting rooms and resources a simple and easy process.


Title:  "Open Panel Q&A" - No presentation just open Q&A session
Presenter:  Jessica Steenbergen
Session Description:  There will be an academic scheduler, event scheduler & a tech person on the panel for any type of discussion.


Closing Session:  "Product Road-map" - The roadmap can be found on the Astra website.
Presenter:  Sarah Collins
Session Description:  Discussion about where Astra has been, where we're at, and where we're headed.  Find out what our vision is for the product and company and how you fit in.


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