Western Kentucky University

WKU Admissions Counselors

Andrew Gott

Andrew Gott

Louisville Area Admissions Counselor

T: (270) 745-6086
F: (270) 745-6133
E: andrew.gott@wku.edu
Twitter: @AndrewOnTheHill
Tumblr: wkuandrew


What sets WKU apart from the other schools?

WKU is a large school with a small school feel when it counts. It is large enough to have D-I sports, musical guests, guest speakers, events, and over 300 clubs, while still allowing one on one meetings with professors, research opportunities, and personalized attention from any office on campus.

The number one thing I encourage future students to check out:

There are so many great aspects to WKU, but one of my favorites as a student was the Outdoor Recreation Activities Center (ORAC) which organized amazing trips year round. I got to go ice climbing, canoeing, backpacking, and rock climbing, and that’s only a small portion of what they offer. I made some of my best friends on those trips.

What I enjoy most about working in WKU Admissions:

I get the chance to explain that WKU really is a “Leading National University.” Kentucky students don’t have to leave the state to get an excellent education and an incredible college experience!

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