Western Kentucky University

ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships

WKU Bonner Partners


Current Bonner Partners

 Fall 2013 Bonner Partners include: Center for Courageous Kids, Community Education, International Center, CEDARS, ALIVE Center, Light of Chance, Buddy House, Bowling Green Independent Schools, WKU Food Pantry, and Hope Harbor.


Types of Bonner Partners

WKU Bonner Leaders serve with a primary partner approximately 200 hours a year, equivalent to 6-8 hours per week. In addition, the Bonner Leaders serve in small groups in issue-based and site-based teams. Therefore, in addition to primary partners, some partners work with Bonner Leaders on one-time or short-term projects. 


Responsibilities of Partners

 The responsibilities of partners are determined by the level of partnership. Primary partners train students to serve with their organization, develop a community learner agreement, provide regular supervision, and approve hours. Partners for issue-based work may meet with the Bonner Leaders to discuss the issue and opportunities to develop sustainable solutions. Partners are also expected to participate in the partnership evaluations.


How to be a Bonner Partner

 Any nonprofit organization interested in being a partner, should contact Aurelia Spaulding at aurelia.spaulding@wku.edu. Partners for primary service work are usually determined by the month before the semester. Additional partners are determined throughout the year. 

 Last Modified 11/16/13