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The WKU ALIVE Center is compiling an ongoing list of volunteers that community organizations could contact when they need interpreters or translators. We are often contacted by community organizations, from hospitals, health fairs, and hospices, to schools and other service providers, who need people to interpreter for non-English speakers or translate documents.

Signing up for this list would not commit you to any specific service, event, or time to volunteer and we will not publish your contact information. When an organization lets us know that they need volunteer interpreters for a specific language or languages, we will then give them the contact information for the appropriate volunteers on our list. When they contact you to ask if you can help out you can feel free to say yes or no according to your interest and availability.

To sign up please send us an email to alivebg@wku.edu with your name, email, phone number, and the language(s) you speak.

Here is a list of some of the most needed languages right now, although volunteer interpreters for any language are welcome!

Akan, Amahric, Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin), German, Hindu, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Mandingo, Palau, Panjabi, Spanish, Swahili, and Thai.

The list of Interpreters for the Language Resource List is kept in-house and used when someone contacts us. If you are interested in obtaining a speaker on any of the below topics, please contact the ALIVE Center at 270-782-0082..


Current Language Resources Available (see below)




Chinese (Mandarin)

Hindu (Hindi), Telugu






**The WKU ALIVE Center serves as an intermediary for the Language Resource List and does not have firsthand knowledge of the quality or content of the individuals ability to interpret or translate information.**


 Last Modified 7/22/13