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Graduate Assistant Positions


Graduate Assistants lead efforts and support many programs at the WKU ALIVE Center. One graduate assistant serves as the program coordinator for the Bonner Leader program, and two graduate assistant work with students by serving with The $100 Solution. In addition, four graduate students are selected each year to take part in the Hill House program.

The $100 Solution™ graduate assistants

Applications due April 15th for 2014-2015 academic year

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The $100 Solution ™ graduate assistant at WKU ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships provides administrative support for The $100 Solution™ Program at WKU. $100 Solution GAs gain experience with program planning,  coordination, and evaluation and will work directly with students, faculty, and staff across multiple departments utilizing The $100 Solution™ program in academic courses. This position is supervised by the Community Engagement Coordinator at the ALIVE Center.


Bonner Leader graduate assistant

This position is currently filled

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The Bonner Leaders graduate assistant coordinates the Bonner Leader program and assists with other meaningful service activities. The Bonner Leader program is a financial assistance program available to students who have experience serving communities. Bonner students dedicate ten hours a week of community service and training enrichment.

The Graduate Assistant for the Bonner Leader program is supervised in the program planning and coordination of Bonner student activities. The GA will communicate weekly with Bonner students, Center staff, and the national Bonner Program office to ensure an effective program experience for Bonner students. The GA will also work with community nonprofits to identify and develop ongoing service opportunities.


Hill House graduate assistants

Applications due April 15th for 2014-2015 academic year

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The Hill House program at WKU was created for graduate students that want to utilize their graduate coursework to make a difference in the local community. An interdisciplinary team of four graduate students are selected as graduate assistants each year and live together in a house bordering campus on East 11th Street in downtown Bowling Green. The Hill House graduate assistants develop community projects related to their fields of study, as well as complete an internship or conduct community-based research depending on their academic program requirements. Hill House graduate assistants also utilize the Hill House to host social gatherings, class and work meetings, and they serve as a vital connector between the campus and community.

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