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Technology Management


Technology is defined as any tool or operating system designed to improve the efficiency, quality and competitiveness of an organization. Technology Management (reference number 575) at Western Kentucky University is a 2+2 program designed specifically for students who currently hold a certificate or associates degree from a technical school, two year college or 4 year institution. The TM program is a capstone program that provides a two year management emphasis for those working toward a supervisory position in industry. Graduates are empowered to obtain a position of leadership in business, industry or workforce development in support of innovation and global competitiveness.


Career Opportunities

Graduates obtain employment in a wide variety of positions, some job titles of graduates include:

• Systems Integrator

• Industrial Engineer

• Production Manager / Specialist

• Manufacturing Engineer

• Maintenance Specialist

• Quality Manager

• Quality Engineer

• Production Engineer

• General Manager

• Plant Manager

• Industrial Trainer

• Project Manager

• Technology Educator



Course requirements for the major are shown in the PDF below. Students should consult with an advisor in planning their course schedules and career goals. You can see detailed course descriptions by clicking the WKU Course Search link to the right. In the dropdown box, choose the appropriate subject area and click "Go".

 Last Modified 7/22/13