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What is an ATP date like? Do I have to attend?
ATP is an orientation program required for all freshman and transfer students planning to register for classes on the Main or South Campus. ATP helps you become more familiar with Western Kentucky University and provides an opportunity to meet with an academic advisor in a small group setting from your chosen major. You will also register for classes and receive a copy of your class schedule.
How do I change my major before ATP?
To change your major email your name, WKU ID, ATP date, and new major choice to admission@wku.edu with "Major Change Request" in the subject line at least four business days before your scheduled ATP date.
After I register for ATP, will I receive a confirmation?
You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of registering for your ATP date. A followup confirmation email will be sent with your confirmed ATP date. You will also receive additional information via email beginning 10 days before your scheduled ATP that includes instructions on parking, what to bring with you, and other campus reminders.  Those newsletters can be found by selecting "newsletters" on the left navigation.
If I am attending an Extended Campus, do I need to attend ATP?
Students planning to register for regional campus classes are not required to attend the ATP on main campus in Bowling Green.  To register for an orientation or advising session at a regional campus, please contact the appropriate campus center for instructions.  Elizabethtown: 270-769-1614; Ft. Knox: 270-351-1192; Glasgow: 270-659-6900; Owensboro: 270-745-5095 or 270-684-9797.
Is there a fee to attend ATP?
Yes.  There is a non-refundable fee of $50.00 per student and $10.00 for each guest.  You will be prompted to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) when you reserve your date online.  You are not expected to pay any additional fees at ATP.  If you plan to visit Housing and Residence Life at the conclusion of ATP, please visit their website for details on the application process (including fees.)
What if I need to change the number of guests I plan to bring?
To add or remove guests from your ATP reservation, please call ATP at 270-745-4242.  The $10.00 fee is non-refundable.
Can you help me with the Math Placement Exam (MPE)?
If you have questions about the Math Placement Exam, refer to the left navigation for more details.  If you still have questions or difficulty logging in, please call 270-745-4242 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Central Time Monday-Friday or email atp@wku.edu for assistance.
Are meals included on my ATP day?
Lunch is complimentary and provided for the student and any guests who have paid the ATP registration fee and received ATP materials.
What other resources do you suggest before I arrive on campus?
 Use the left navigation on this page and click on New Student Checklist for great tips and reminders.
Am I required to stay overnight for ATP?
No.  ATP is a one-day program with no required overnight stay.  For a list of accomodations, we suggest looking at the Bowling Green-Warren County Chamber of Commerce website.
Can I bring a parent or guest with me?
WKU welcomes parents and guests to attend ATP.  The parent program does run separately but simultaneously with our student ATP.  Parents are welcome, but not required to attend ATP.  Due to time and space constraints, students should plan to go to all sessions, advising, and registration without any accompanying guests.
Where do I park?
Parking instructions and driving directions will be included in your ATP newsletter entitled The Big Red Message that you will receive via email about two weeks before your ATP date.
Is the ATP fee refundable?
No.  The ATP fee for students and guests is non-refundable.  If you are not planning to come to WKU Main Campus, please email us at atp@wku.edu so we may cancel your space and make room for other students to attend your ATP date.
How do I reschedule my ATP date?
To reschedule your ATP date, please email your name, WKU ID, and top three ATP dates to atp@wku.edu.  A response will confirm your new ATP date.  A list of available dates can be found on our reservation page.
I reserved my ATP. What's next?
Make sure you take the Math Placement Exam because all students must take it regardless of previous credit or status.  Depending on the major, some students must also take the Math Placement Trigonometry Exam (MPTE) or Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE).  Use the left navigation to click on Placement Exams for more information.
How do I make a reservation for ATP?
Details on how to reserve your ATP date are included on the reservations tab in the left navigation.  If you are having difficulty, please call our office at 270-745-4242 or email us at atp@wku.edu.  Our staff will be happy to walk you through the process online.
What  time zone is WKU in?
WKU is located in the Central Time Zone, one hour behind Louisville, which is just over two hours from Bowling Green. Our campus shares the Central Time Zone with Nashville, TN which is only an hour away. For driving directions, please consult your newsletter.
When is ATP?
A list of available ATP dates can be found at the top of our page on our calendar.  You may also view the list on our reservations page or in TopNet when making a reservation.
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