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Are we doing all we can to foster diversity and inclusion on campus?  Take the WKU Student Campus Diversity Survey and you could win a $500 Tuition Waiver Scholarship or $20 Big Red Dollars.  Click Image to take the survey.Big  Red Volleyball Tournament, Preston basketball courts. Team check in begins at 10 am, games run 11 am – 4pm, snacks and drinks provided. Click to register your team of 6-8 people. Sponsored by the Residence Hall AssociationWhat do you mean you haven’t done your course evals yet?  Come on.  Early access to grades and the opportunity to be heard…What are you waiting for?   Go online and complete your course evaluations today! We value your voice…so use it! wku.evaluationkit.com Click to beginLeaders at home, leaders at school. Commuter student ambassadors. Commuter student ambassadors serve as peer mentors and small group leaders during M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan’s Commuter Program. Learn more and apply.Need on-campus summer housing? Learn more

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