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Wednesday September 17th
Health Programs & Services
Muscle of the Month- Elliptical Challenge
Location: Preston Center Fitness Center

Muscle of the Month: August/September
Elliptical Challenge

Do you have big fitness or weight-loss goals this semester? Start it off right by participating in the September Muscle of the Month Challenge. An Elliptical provides great cardiovascular exercise, targeting major muscle groups of the lower and upper body. Cardiovascular exercise promotes a healthy heart, lungs, and vascular system. Start this semester by challenging yourself. Complete as many miles as possible on any Elliptical in the Fitness Center!


  • Notify a FC Attendant before you begin
  • Use any Elliptical in the Fitness Center
  • Treadmills, bikes, and the track do not count for this challenge
  • When you finish, alert a FC Attendant to record your miles on the MOM board (full miles only)
  • Participate as many times as you can
  • The winner will be the person who completes the most miles throughout the month of September
  • Preston Center employees will be in their own category, separate from everyone else
  • The male and female who complete the most miles will win a $15 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card
  • Each time you participate, your name will be entered into a raffle for one of two $10 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Cards
  • Participate at least twice in the month to receive WellU® credit


Self Defense
Location: Multi-Purpose Room (Preston)

Self Defense of the Wing Chun System

September 11th - November 6th
Thursdays Nights

6:00pm -7:30pm

Located in Preston Center Multipurpose Room.

This is an 8 week course introducing the Wing Chun Martial Arts.

-Increase strength, stanima and fitness
-Practice strategies to avoid conflict
-Develop confidence and self esteem

Pre-Registration required in the Health & Fitness Lab: 

Students $25
Faculty/Staff $30
Community $35

Health Programs & Services
MapWorks Survey
Location: Survery is Taken Online

MAP-Works Survery
Date: September 14th- September 28th
Location: ONLINE

MAP-Works is a web-based survey given to all undergraduate students at WKU. By taking the survey, it helps you identify your areas of strength and weakness, and helps us connect you to important faculty, staff, and resources on campus to ensure your success here at WKU. By taking the survey, not only are you taking an important step towards maintaining progress on earning your degree, but you are also entered into winning prizes!

You will receive TWO WellU Credits by completing this event!

Intramural Combine Registration
Location: Preston Center


Registration Begins: September 15th, 2014- September 22, 2014
Captain Meeting: N/A
Play Begins: September 25th, 2014

More information to come!

Big Red Boot Camp
Location: Dance Studio

 Big Red Boot Camp

A group training for students, faculty, staff and community members who are committed to improving or challenging their current fitness levels. 60 minutes will have you working out in the Preston Center dance studio, basketball courts, and track. Workouts will consist of interval training, resistance training, cardiovascular work, and flexibility training. This program is designed for those wanting to challenge their fitness level or for those who want to simply get in-shape.

Program Information:

September 15th - November 21st

Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings from 6:10am-7:10am

 Cost: Students $55    Faculty/Staff- $60   Community Members-$65

Please register in the Health & Fitness Lab, Preston Center room 20a.

 Make sure you bring your WKU ID to receive credit and/or sign in!

To receive WellU credit, you will only have to participate in atleast 50% of the boot camp sessions.

ORAC: Intro to Trip Planning
Location: Multi-Purpose Room (Preston)

Intro to Trip Planning

Location: Multi-Purpose Room (Preston)
Date: September 17th, 2014
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Cost: FREE!

Planning a trip can be just as fun as actualizing. This clinic will focus on logistics, group dynamics, food, gear, and much more. Don't let the ins and outs of trips intimidate you any longer!

Health Programs & Services
Sexual Violence on College Campuses: Listening to and Learning From Student Activists
Location: DSU 1071

 Sexual Violence on College Campuses:
Listening to and Learning From Student Activists 

When: Wednesday, September 17
Time: 7:00pm
Location: DSU 1071

This interactive, multimedia presentation examines rape culture on college campuses, using up-to-the-minute examples of activism among students, expert opinion, and observational analysis to explore how students can and do confront sexual violence against women, students of color, and LGBTQ students. Most notable in this presentation is that it shows how students have mobilized in the past AND how they are engaging in vital and important activism to un-learn rape culture and create college communities that marginalize violence in all forms. This event is co-sponsored by the Office of Scholar Development, Gender & Women's Studies, ICSR, Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, and the Honors College.

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