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How we contribute and interact with our community and environment. Social wellness is creating and maintaining positive relationships and enjoying being with others. It is how we communicate our needs and feelings with others: having support networks, participating and contributing to the community, developing healthy relationships and being able to communicate effectively.


Tips on Improving Social Wellness

  1. Develop  friendships
  2. Join a club or organization you are interested in
  3. Get involved in community service
  4. Communicate your feelings rather than keeping them inside
  5. Create a balance between responsibilities and relaxation


Helpful Services on Campus

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Social Wellness Programs


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Wednesday September 17th Big Red Boot CampIntramural Recreation Sports Department
Wednesday September 17th Intramural Combine RegistrationIntramural Recreation Sports Department
Wednesday September 17th MapWorks SurveyEnrollment Management
Wednesday September 17th Muscle of the Month- Elliptical ChallengeIntramural Recreation Sports Department
Wednesday September 17th ORAC: Intro to Trip PlanningIntramural Recreation Sports Department

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