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Biology Faculty and Staff - Michael Collyer

Michael Collyer, Ph.D. North Dakota State University

Michael Collyer, Ph.D. North Dakota State University

Associate Professor and Online Non-Thesis Graduate Program Director

Office:  TCCW 346
Phone:  270-745-2397


BIOL 224 Animal Biology & Diversity

BIOL 283 Introductory Biostatistics

BIOL 483 / 483 G Multivariate Methods in Biology

BIOL 500 Introduction to Graduate Research and Study

BIOL 582 Biometry


Research in my lab focuses on the ecological and evolutionary morphology of vertebrates, and development of quantitative methods for analyzing phenotypic change.  We are especially interested in understanding how – often human-influenced – local ecological changes affect the phenotypic evolution of organisms.  My students typically work on research projects that have implications for the management and conservation of rare or endangered species.


Postdoc, 2003-2007 – Iowa State University, Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology & Statistics

Ph. D., 2003 – North Dakota State University, Zoology

M. S., 2000 – North Dakota State University, Zoology

Recent Publications

Jesse, L., M.L. Collyer, K. Moloney, and J.J. Obrycki. 2013. Distribution of Megastigmus aculeatus (Hymenoptera: Torymidae) and the levels of seed predation of Rosa multifora (Rosaceae). Weed Biology and Management 13:79-88.

Collyer, M.L., and D.C. Adams. 2013. Phenotypic trajectory analysis: Comparison of shape change patterns in evolution and ecology. Hystrix 24:75-83.

Cotton, T., D. Saenz, M. Kwiatkowski, and M.L. Collyer. 2012. Effects of an invasive plant, Chinese tallow (Triadica sebifera), on development and survival of anuran larvae. Journal of Herpetology 46:186–193.

Stockwell, C.A., K. Purcell, M.L. Collyer, and J. Janovy.  2011. Effects of salinity on Physa acuta, the Intermediate Host for the Parasite Posthodiplostomum minimum: Implications for the translocation of the protected White Sands pupfish. Transaction of the American Fisheries Society 140:1370-1374

Collyer, M.L., J.S. Heilveil, and C.A. Stockwell.  2011. Pupfish evolutionary divergence in contemporary time exceeds post-Pleistocene divergence. PLoS One 6(8): e22310. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0022310

Turner, T.F., M.L. Collyer, and T.J. Krabbenhoft.  2010. A general framework for analysis of stable isotope ratios in ecological studies. Ecology 91:2227–2233.

Krabbenhoft, T.J., M.L. Collyer, and J. Quattro.  2009. Comparative morphological divergence across phylogenetically and ecologically disparate taxa: convergent evolution of endemic fishes of Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina. Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society 98:636-645.

Adams, D.C. and M.L. Collyer. 2009. A general framework for the analysis of phenotypic change in evolutionary studies. Evolution 63:1143-1154.

Marstellar, S.*, D.C. Adams, M.L. Collyer, and  M. Condon.  2009. Six cryptic species on a single species of host plant: morphometric evidence for possible reproductive character displacement. Ecological Entomology: 66-73.

Smith, M.T., and M.L. Collyer.  2008. Regional variation and sexual dimorphism in head form of the prairie rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis viridis): comparisons using new analytical and collection methods. Pages 79-90 in W.K. Hayes, K.R. Beaman, M.D. Caldwell, and S.P. Bush, eds., The biology of rattlesnakes, Loma Linda university Press, California

Collyer, M.L., C.A. Stockwell, D.C. Adams, and M.H. Reiser.  P2007. henotypic plasticity and contemporary evolution in ecological invasions:  evidence from translocated populations of White Sands pupfish. Ecological Research: 22:902-910

Chun, Y.J., M.L. Collyer, K.A. Maloney, and J.D. Nason. 2007.  Phenotypic plasticity of native vs. invasive purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria L., Lythraceae) in varying environments: an application of two-state multivariate analysis. Ecology 88:1499-1512.

Adams, D.C. and M.L. Collyer.  2007. The analysis of character divergence along environmental gradients and other covariates. Evolution: 61:510-515. (Cover Acknowledgment)

Collyer, M.L. and D.C. Adams.  2007. Analysis of two-state multivariate phenotypic change in ecological studies. Ecology 88:683-692.

Adams, D. C., M.E. West*, and M.L. Collyer.  2007. Location-specific sympatric morphological divergence as a possible response to species interactions in West Virginia Plethodon salamander communities.  Journal of Animal Ecology 76:289-295.

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