Western Kentucky University

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this doctoral program require a dissertation?
Yes, this doctoral program does require a dissertation.
Is there an advisor I can meet with to discuss my options?
If after reviewing the website, you are unsure which program specialization would be the best fit for you, and would like to meet with an advisor, please email doctoral.studies@wku.edu to schedule an appointment.
 Is it possible to continue to work full-time and complete the doctoral program?
It is not only possible for you to continue to work full-time and complete the doctoral program, but it is preferred. Our classes are a blended format of face-to-face, digital media (Blackboard, ITV, Podcasts, etc.), and current work location. We are trying to address adult learning theory and best practices in how we teach. Therefore, those things that need to be done face-to-face are taught in that manner on weekends and those elements that can be done effectively on-line are being done so. To insure that students are learning, you will also apply techniques in on-the job settings through assignments and practica.
Are courses/meetings offered at extended campuses such as Elizabethtown or Owensboro campuses?
Currently the face-to-face meetings are all being held on WKU's main campus; however, as stated in the previous answer, the classes are a blended format and we are trying to address adult learning in the most accommodating way possible.
If I wanted to teach at a college level, which program specialization would be best for me?
None of the specializations- This is not a program designed to create or improve college instructors; it is about educational leadership.
Is it possible to earn Rank I status while earning my doctoral degree?
Yes, it is possible but you must plan the programs separately both in the Office of Doctoral Studies and with the Office of Educational Administration, Leadership, & Research. For details concerning this process, please read more in the Graduate Studies catalog.
If after I am in the doctoral program I decide to take a semester off, what should I do?
If you are truly not making progress toward degree completion (no classes, not working on a practicum, the dissertation, etc.) in a particular semester/term, then registration is not required. However, we would appreciate you contacting the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program office to inform us, so we are aware of your decision. Also, note that Graduate Studies requires students who are not registered for three consecutive terms to update their record via the online application process.
Does the program offer graduate assistantships?
Although this program is designed for working professionals, there are a limited number of competitive GA scholarships for students seeking to enroll full-time. We are currently seeking persons who have strong research and/or P-12 backgrounds for these positions. Applicants who desire to be considered for these positions should indicate this in their Personal Statement,as part of their application.
Can I apply to receive graduate credit for successful completion of the National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) process?
Students admitted to the EdD program may apply to receive graduate credit for successful completion of the National Board Certified Teacher process. Those approved will receive up to six (6) hours of credit for EDU 695. To be eligible to receive credit, students must document that they: have been admitted to the EdD program in either the Teacher Leader or P-12 Administrative Leadership concentration; have completed at least 9 hours in the EdD program; and hold current National Board Certification status.

The student must submit an application form to the Doctoral Studies Leadership Council, which will consider whether to approve the application and then determine the number of EDU 695 hours to credit to the student's program. The hours may not be substituted for required (core) courses in the program. Once a recommendation for the awarding of hours for NBCT completion is approved by the Doctoral Studies Leadership Council, the student must arrange for the American Council on Education (ACE) to send an official transcript documenting the student's NBCT status to WKU's Office of Graduate Studies and Research so that the credit may be entered on the student's transcript. No charge will be assessed by WKU.

 Last Modified 11/7/13