Western Kentucky University

Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

Cohort I

Name/Email Program Proposed Dissertation Topic
Stephanie Cornwell             stephanie.cornwell784@topper.wku.edu Teacher Leadership Transition services for individual with disabilities.
Eric Gregory  eric.gregory524@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership Relationship between technology-based peer network influence and youth substance abuse.
Eugenios Patsalides eugenios.patsalides923@topper.wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership How two distinct methods of online course delivery offered through the Kentucky Community and Technical System (KCTCS), fractional credit courses and regular credit courses, compare in terms of student performance, student satisfaction, and faculty satisfaction.
Holly Ross        holly.ross524@topper.wku.edu Teacher Leadership Relationship between levels of technology integration, technology use, and achievement level.
Carol LaFavor carol.schreiber277@topper.wku.edu Organizational Leadership Personality types of international agriculture leaders in U.S., Canada, and France.
Lee Ann Smith              leeann.smith@wku.edu Post-Secondary Leadership A study of self theories of intelligence and attitudes about web 2.0.

Doctoral Student Directory

Note: Students listed in each Cohort table are those who are in the process of completing degree requirements.

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