Western Kentucky University

High-Ropes Elements

WKU Challenge Course: High Ropes Features


The High Rope Elements consists of 12 elements ranging in height and programming possibilities. The 40 foot climbing wall captures the true meaning of reaching new heights. Our dual-platform based system allows participants to navigate through the obstacles at their own pace and order. The high adventure elements can be entered either from the climbing wall or the enormous cargo net both giving a variety of options to complete for additional tasks after reaching the top. Accompanying the climbing wall is a series of traversing elements that challenge one's self to maneuver across building confidence, a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. After experiencing the thrills and excitement of the high elements sit back and enjoy a ride on our zip-line to complete your experience. Additional information of the type of elements provided at the WKU Challenge Course is listed below. Take some time to plan your next visit at the WKU Challenge Course.

 Last Modified 7/22/13