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Major in Chemistry (Standard)

Major in Chemistry (Standard)

The major in chemistry (reference number 623) leads to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. The Department of Chemistry also requires a minor or a second major. The department offers several programs of study that leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in chemistry. Prior to final selection of a program, a student must consult with a chemistry adviser in order to determine the most appropriate option.

The major in chemistry that requires 30 semester hours, is as follows: CHEM 120-121, 222-223, 330, at least one semester of organic chemistry, one semester of inorganic chemistry or biochemistry, and one semester of physical chemistry, with additional courses in chemistry numbered above 300 to make a total of 30 semester hours.

Plan of study for all the above option: http://www.wku.edu/chemistry/plans_of_study.php

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