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Confucius Institute China Summer Programs


Summer 2011 Programming - Confucius Institute China Experience 2011

  • The Confucius Institute hosted 2 summer campus. The first was the Inaugural 2011 Adult Summer Camp, in which the CI led 44 faculty, staff, students, and community member to China for three-weeks, visiting Beijing, Baoding, and Tianjin.  

  • The CI hosted its Inaugural 2011 Chinese Bridge Trip, in which 10 high school students participated in a two-week trip to Beijing, and Tianjin.  

Spring/Summer 2012 Programming - Confucius Institute China Experience 2012

  • The Confucius Institute took flight again, for it 2nd Annual Adult Summer Camp, in which 28 faculty, staff, students and community member went on a two-week excursion to Beijing and Tianjin China.  

  • The CI hosted the 2nd Annual Chinese Bridge Trip, in which the CI partnered with both the Housing Authority of Bowling Green and the Crane House, and sent 8 student to Beijing, Luoyang, and DengFeng China for two-week.  

Summer 2013 Programming - Confucius Institute China Experience 2013

  • The Confucius Institute is slated to take the Symphony at WKU to Beijing, Baoding, and Xi'an for a two-week trip.  The symphony orchestra will consist of 54 students/faculty, and they will perform at 4 different sites within China.  They will perform on the campus of North China Electric Power University in Beijing China, and at Beijing Language and Culture University.  Then the troupe will head to Baoding, China, and will perform at Hebei University and North China Electric Power University (Baoding).  

    • In conjunction with this trip, there will be an additional 22 individuals that are WKU Alumni/Donors that will be traveling with the group.  
  • The CI will again host the 3rd Annual Chinese Bridge Trip, and hopes to rekindle the partnerships from the Gatton Academy at WKU, Housing Authority of Bowling Green, and the Crane House in Louisville.  It seeks to also recruit a number of students from the local school systems, and hopes to have a group in excess of 20 - 30 students.  

Summer 2014 Programming : The Confucius Institute successfully completed 5 distinct summer programs in 2014.  The mission of the Confucius Institute’s summer programming took a more focused approach toward its summer programming.Confucius Institute China Experience 2014  

  • First, the CI at WKU partnered with Gordon Ford College of Business, and the Educational Leadership Doctorate Program organized by Dr. Wei-Ping Pan, Mr. Terrill Martin, Mr. George Rasmussen, Dr. Richard Keaster, and Dr. Joseph Cangemi, who led a group of WKU students and participants (Mr. Jacob Bass, Mr. Luke Brigance, Mr. Johnathan Chen, Mr. Hayden Skinner Fine, Mr. Kyle Haessley, Mrs. Tina Hargett, Mrs. Jennifer Jackson, Mrs. Amanda Lee, and Ms. Marilyn Sink) to China for a 2-week trip to China, with the focus on “Corporate Leadership.”  They visited Alltech (Beijing, Tianjin, China), ZETEC (Shanghai), Source International (Xiamen), and Zoeller Taiwan Company, LTD (Taipei, Taiwan), as they hosted our delegation and graciously shared their experiences on conducting business in China, and the vaious leadership issues that they faced or/are facing.  At the conclusion, the group visited the companies Kentucky headquarters to get a full-rounded experience.

  • Second, the CI at WKU became the first CI to receive its own program as it invited a total of  11 individuals to Beijing Language and Culture University entitled, “Understanding China, Educational Leadership.”  The group consisted of three Kentucky Superintendents, Dr. Charles Proffitt, Dr. Nannette Johnston, and Dr. John Millay, along with principals and administrators (Mr. Darius Barati, that support the CI’s Hanban Teacher Program.  In China, the delegation was able to meet with the incoming teachers, BLCU administrators, and officials to get a better understanding of leadership and teaching practices in China, which would allow the Kentucky administrators to assist with the teacher acclimation process.  It was very education from both perspectives, as the administrators presented to the Chinese delegation on leadership and teaching practices in the U.S., specifically, Kentucky. 

  • Third, President Gary A. Ransdell has been personally invited by Madame Xu Lin (Director General of Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters), to speak to the Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters staff on “Leadership,” starting on July 5 through July 7, 2014 in Beijing, China.  Dr. Ransdell will discuss how leadership is defined,   what is effective leadership, conditions of leadership, and what sustained leadership means.  Hanban/Confucius Institute has opened its doors to allow someone from the U.S. Confucius Institute family to train their staff. 

  • Fourth, this is the 4th year that the CI at WKU will lead high school students to China.  To date, a total of 30 high school students have toured China as part of this program.  To date this will be the single largest group who will be taking flight on July 16 and will visit the provinces of Jilin and Guanxi, China.  The group this year is a record setting 20 students from Franklin/Simpson County (1), Housing Authority of Bowling Green (5), Gatton Academy (5), St. Francis High School (2), Louisville Collegiate (1), Hendersonville, TN (1), Bowling Green High School (2), and various members from the community (3). 

  • Fifth, the CI at WKU and the Institute for Combustion Science & Environmental Technology was approached by a Chinese Consortium who is seeking the following:

    • Direction on how to apply the same food regulations of the USDA toward the management of a diversified farming operations;
    • Discuss the ability of the soil and certain practices to produce vegetation crops in an urban setting (limited space);
    • How to involve corporate partnerships into a family farming situation.

    A WKU delegation has been formed between Dr. Wei-Ping Pan (CI & ICSET), Dr. Jack Rudolph (WKU Agriculture Department Head), Dr. Hanna (John) Khouryieh (Food Science Professor), Mr. Darwin Newton (USDA Representative), Mr. Greg Drake (USDA Representative), and Mr. Martin Cohron (ICSET and Kentucky Farmer) who will set flight on August 1, 2014 to meet with the consortium in Beijing/Baoding, China.  

Summer 2015 Programming : Please click the links below concerning all of the itineraries, requirements, and necessary documents.  

2015 St. Francis School "Intensive Language Camp" 

  • The first program led this year by the CI at WKU took place from April 2 – April 12, 2015, in which 32 individuals (22 junior high/high school students, 7 parents, and 3 chaperons) took part in the “2015 Spring Chinese Intensive Language Program.”  In 2014, the CI at WKU opened up 8 new Confucius Classrooms in new school districts.  Two of those classrooms were with St. Francis High School in downtown Louisville, and St. Francis Elementary & Middle school in Goshen, KY.  With the CI at WKU’s focus on Chinese proficiency, we are aimed at ensuring more than 3,000 students take the YCT/HSK/HSKK/BCT testing throughout the state each year.  Thus, we collaborated with St. Francis to create a “Spring Intensive Language Program,” in which the participants (parents included) took the YCT (Youth Chinese Test – offered to foreigners to gauge Chinese proficiency) “Pre-Trip” test to get a baseline.  Then, the students went to China and underwent a 5-day intensive language program.  Upon the completion of the 5-day program, the students were tested again, in which the student pass rate more than doubled.    In fact, students doubled the rate at one advanced level higher. 

2015 Gatton Academy "Confucius China Study Plan - Intensive Research Camp"

  • The second program will take place from May 17th through 28th, 2015 is a partnership with the Gatton Academy, which is a “Research Intensive Program,” centered on China’s High-Speed Rail System.  The trip will consist of 16 Gatton High School Students, Dr. Lynette Breedlove and Mr. Derick Strode, who will all present in China, and potentially set up a program with Tsinghua High School, who is one of China’s premier high schools, as is Gatton in the U.S.   The trip was fully funded by Hanban/Confucius Institute, and yielded results that would ensure this is an annual opportunity for the Gatton students.   In fact, the second "Intensive Research Camp" for 2016, in which 12 students will focus on "China's Energy Policy (Coal, Solar, and Wind), and Chinese Architecture.  The trip will be led by Drs. Lynette Breedlove and Dr. Christopher "Pokey" Bowen. 

2015 Chinese Teacher Training Camp (Beijing, China)

  • Since 2013, the CI at WKU sends 2 professors from the College of Education & Behavioral Sciences to China, to teach the incoming teachers on the 10 Kentucky Teaching Standards.  In May 2015, the CI at WKU sent Drs. Lynn Hines and Martha Day to China (5/23 – 5/31/15) to China, to prepare them for Kentucky Certification.  To date, the College of Education & Behavioral Sciences has assisted 51 of the CI’s teachers in obtaining Kentucky Certification.  

2016 "1 + 2 MAT Recruitment Trip

  • Dr. Sam Evans has taken the lead in obtaining not only one avenue for obtaining certification for our teachers, but in FY 2015, the College of Education & Behavioral Sciences signed and MOU with Beijing Language and Culture University and recently, Minzu University to create a 1+ 2 program.  Thus, in Fall 2014, the first cohort of 6 teachers stepped foot on the campus of WKU, who are enrolled in the 1 + 2 program.  In the Fall of 2016, the program is anticipating 13 students coming to WKU as part of this program.  In addition to the above, Dr. Evans comes to China at least once per year to expand the 1 + 2 program.  In fact, Dr. Evans will come to Beijing, China to sign a MOU agreement with Beijing Normal University, and speak to more than 30 candidates at a one-day seminar on May 25, 2015.   

2016 "4-Week HSK Intensive Language Program"

  • In April 2013, the CI at WKU became an official testing center for the YCT/HSK/HSKK/BCT tests.  In 2014, the official Chinese major/minor was officially approved, and the program has grown in such a short period of time.  In total, more than 17 students have received HSK scholarships to study in China for either one-full semester or one-year depending on results.  This year, the CI at WKU is the first program selected to receive 4-week scholarships.  Based on the results from the recent 2015 HSK testing session, 16 Chinese Major/Minor students (Modern Language Department) were selected to receive these scholarships to further their Chinese language proficiency.  The camp took place from May 20th through June 17th, 2015 on the campus of North China Electric Power University.   

2015 "Understanding China - "Business Leadership"
  • The CI at WKU led a group of school Superintendents, principals, and teachers, on a program entitled “Understanding China – Classroom Leadership Strategies.”  Based on the positive results from 2014 trip, the CI at WKU was again approved for the 2nd annual “Understanding China – Business & Medical Leadership.”  A total of 19 individuals made up the group, consisting of local Business Leaders/Professionals (CEO, VP’s, etc.), WKU Professors, Superintendents, Medical Professionals, and Banking Professionals.  The trip took place from June 4th through June 15th, 2015, which will take the group to Beijing and Shanghai, China.  

2015 "High School Summer Bridge Program"

  • This was the 5th year that the CI at WKU lea high school students to China.  To date, a total of 50 high school students have toured China as part of the “High School China Bridge Program.”  The group in 2014, was the single largest group of 20, and in 2016, the group was the same size.  The CI at WKU led 19 students who took flight on July 15th and visited both Beijing and Jiangsu, China.  The group of 20 individuals (19 students and 1 Chaperon) was a diverse group from Dallas, TX (8), Housing Authority (7), and the Gatton Academy (4).  The group was led by Ms. Katie Burchfield (WKU), and Ms. Ma from Dallas, TX.  

Summer 2016 Programming

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