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Course Syllabi



Spring 2014 Syllabi


Course #

Course Name


COMM 145 Fundamentals of Public Speaking and Communication General
COMM 161 Business & Professional Speaking General
COMM 200 Communication Foundations Thompson
COMM 240 Critical Listening (online course) Schiess
COMM 247 Voice & Diction Elder
COMM 263 Fundamentals of Comm & Culture (online course) Chai
COMM 263 Fundamentals of Communication & Culture Kong
COMM 263 Fundamentals of Communication & Culture (Glasgow) Witcher
COMM 300 Introduction to Communication Research Kong
COMM 345 Advanced Public Speaking Hughes
COMM 345 Advanced Public Speaking Carey
COMM 346 Persuasion Wicklander
COMM 348 Interpersonal Communication (online course) Bonaguro
COMM 348 Interpersonal Communication Payne
COMM 349 Small Group Communication Mize Smith
COMM 362 Organizational Communication Ishii
COMM 362 Organizational Communication  (online course) Payne
COMM 374 Gender Communication Furgerson
COMM 400 Cyber Culture Rios
COMM 440 Health Communication (online course) Bonaguro
COMM 451 Computer-Mediated Communication (online course) Ishii
COMM 460 Organizational Interviewing (online course) Allison
COMM 462 Advanced Organizational Communication Mize Smith
COMM 463 Intercultural Communication (online course) Chai
COMM 489 Internship  (General Information Sheet) Kell
COMM 494 Capstone in Corporate Communication Sterk
COMM 495 Independent Study in Communication Sterk



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