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Course Requirements

Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling

(Effective Fall 2011)

Course requirements for the MAE in Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy are listed below. Use the links at the bottom of the page for course descriptions and semester the courses will be offered.

CNS 552 Testing & Assess in Counseling
CNS 554 Group Counseling
CNS 555 Social and Cultural Diversity
CNS 556 Developmental Career Counseling
CNS 557 Human & Family Development
CNS 558 Theories of Counseling
CNS 559 Techniques of Counseling **
CNS 560 Professional Studies in Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy
CNS 567 Mental Health Diagnosis & Treatment
CNS 580 Family Life Studies
CNS 582 Sex Therapy
CNS 583 Marriage Therapy
CNS 584 Counseling Violent and Dysfunctional Families
CNS 586 Parenting Issues
CNS 588 Family Systems Counseling
CNS 591 Mental Health/Marriage and Family Practicum*
CNS 596 Mental Health/Marriage and Family Internship (6 hours)^
CNS 598 Research and Program Evaluation in Counseling
CNS 637 Theories of Addictions

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Elective in consultation with advisor.

^Internship must be taken over a period of two semesters

*To enroll in practicum students must have completed the following prerequisites: 554, 558, and 559 with grades of B or better.

** CNS 558 is a prerequisite

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