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Endorsement for Individual Intellectual Assessment (IIA)

The Individual Intellectual Assessment (IIA) is an endorsement built upon the student's basic certification as a School Counselor. The purpose of this endorsement is to allow counselors to do individual intelligence testing.

The coursework for this professional program, with its performance based activities and hands-on field experiences, is tied directly to the requirements set by the Education Professional Standards Board. These requirements are specific and directly focus on the ability to give and write up the results of a wide variety of assessment instruments including individual IQ tests.

The focus on the preparation of the counselor as a skilled assessor is evident throughout the coursework, performance activities, and field experiences. Assignments completed and reports written require formal reflection by the student. This may take the form of reviewing eligibility requirements as well as reflecting on patterns of strengths/weaknesses and other diagnostic perspectives.

The demands of high-stakes testing require the individual to develop professional competencies. This ultimate demonstration of the individual's ability to function as an IIA Endorsed Counselor comes in the Testing Internship. This hands-on field experience requires direct assessment services working under the supervision of an on-site field supervisor who is an assessment professional. A journal is maintained that helps students reflect on assessment issues, especially eligibility requirements and diagnostic implications.

Continuous assessment is demonstrated by the student's coursework, portfolio entries, and the student's successful completion of the field based Testing Internship.


  • Master of Arts in Education in School Counseling (36 hours)
  • Provisional or Standard Guidance Certification


  • CNS 552 Testing and Assessment 3 hrs (unless taken as part of Provisional/Standard Guidance Certification)
  • CNS 654 Education & Intellectual Analysis of Children & Adults 3 hrs
  • CNS 655 Advanced Appraisal of Children 3 hrs
  • CNS 595 Testing Internship 3 hrs (prerequisite: CNS 590)

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