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WKU CWD Course: Supervising Former Peers

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Management and Supervisory Training

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Supervising Former Peers

Session Format:

4 Hours Total (One 4-Hour Session)


Effective supervision can sometimes be a challenge for even the most experienced manager. It can become especially tricky for the manager who has been promoted and is now in the position of having to supervise employees who used to be co-workers and peers.


The participant will learn: (1) basic supervisory skills, (2) basic human relations skills, (3) special strategies and skills needed to supervise former peers, (4) potential problems that can arise when supervising former peers, (5) solutions to potential problems that can arise when supervising former peers, and (6) specific actions to avoid when supervising former peers.

Content Outline

  • Characteristics of effective supervision
  • The dynamics of employee-to-employee interaction
  • The dynamics of supervisor-to-employee interaction
  • Considerations unique to supervising former peers
  • Specific strategies for supervising former peers
  • Navigating potential problems with supervising former peers

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for managers and/or anyone in a leadership position who is faced with having to supervise employees who were once peers (co-workers).

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