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Writing Business Letters

Session Format:

One 4–Hour Session


Whether a "thank you" letter, a "collection" letter, or any other kind of letter, business letters represent and reflect upon the company as well as the writer. Good writing skills enable writers of business letters to write effectively and confidently, producing letters that present a favorable image of writer and company and that elicit the desired effect from readers.


The participant will learn: (1) how to write business letters for any occasion or situation, (2) steps to powerful business writing, (3) writing skills and mechanics, (4) how to avoid business writing clichés, and (5) steps to better proofreading and eliminating grammatical errors.

Content Outline

  • Defining art/purpose of letters
  • Powerful business writing steps
  • Writing skills/mechanics
  • Practice writing business letters
  • Proofreading, editing and revising letters
  • Avoiding business writing clichés

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for managers, professional staff, and those who write regularly.

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