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CWD: Courses: Health and Safety Issues

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Session Format:

One 3–Hour Session


Ergonomics examines the interaction between the worker and the work environment. Through job analysis, the risk factors are identified and ways to control the risks are determined. This training session will provide an overview to assist with developing an effective ergonomics program.


The participant will learn how: (1) to define basic principles, (2) identify risk factors, (3) to prepare a job analysis, (4) to reduce exposures to job related injuries, and (5) to control risk.

Content Outline

  • Ergonomic risk factors
  • Cost–effectiveness
  • Identifying risk factor questions
  • Job outline analysis
  • Approaches to eliminate risk

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for managers, health and safety personnel, engineers, and employees who are interested in ergonomics.

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