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Advanced Supervision for Experienced Leaders

Session Format:

4 Hours Total ( 1 four-hour session)


Today’s work environment requires experienced supervisors who can draw upon their past success and expertise in order to quickly adapt to a constantly changing set of opportunities and constraints. This is especially true as supervisors advance to middle and upper levels of management within the organization.


The participant will learn: (1) how to establish and maintain equal credibility with subordinates, peers and senior management, (2) how to resolve conflicts that occur between different departments and levels within the organization, (3) how to communicate upwardly in an effective, persuasive and non-threatening manner, (4) how to facilitate fundamental change effectively and efficiently when time is a critical factor, (5) how to keep the focus of independent teams and units coordinated in order to achieve overarching goals and objectives, and (6) how to manage an increasingly diverse workforce.

Content Outline

  • Maintaining credibility with subordinates, peers, and upper management
  • The importance of maintaining good inter–departmental relationships
  • Resolving major organizational conflicts
  • Communicating effectively in a non–threatening manner
  • Facilitating fundamental change in a just–in–time work environment
  • Coordinating work across the entire organization
  • Effective leadership in the age of diversity

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for middle and upper-level managers, but would be beneficial to anyone in a leadership role who has three or more years experience as a supervisor.

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