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Drug Issues in the Workplace

Session Format:

One 4-Hour Session


Drugs are a part of our everyday lives. Drugs can reduce pain and suffering and can be beneficial. Drug cards are even issued to employees by many employers. However, drugs used the wrong way can cause pain and suffering. The misuse of drugs cost employers in many ways. This training session will explore these issues.


The participant will learn: 1) information about illegal drugs, 2) information about the misuse of prescription drugs, 3) what will happen if you call the police, and 4) employee behavior that may indicate a "drug problem."

Content Outline

  • Recognizing illegal drugs
  • Legal drugs (alcohol included) used in an illegal manner
  • Police involvement
  • Drug testing: A resource or an additional problem?

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for managers, supervisors, and line staff who, as part of their jobs, must supervise.

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