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Habits of Successful People

Session Format:

One 4-Hour Session


Employees at all levels and in all industries invariably find themselves working with others a large portion of the workday. Success at whatever tasks are assigned any particular employee will depend, in large part, on that person’s ability to understand leadership, interpersonal relationships, and what one might call "life management." Success, however, will remain elusive... unless one is able to understand the basic principles of effective living and then integrate these principles into their personal and professional lives.


The participant will: (1) learn the basic principles of the character/personality ethic, (2) identify value and habit developments that empower people to deal with different situations, and (3) explore the seven habits of highly successful people.

Content Outline

  • Integration of the character and personality ethic
  • Internalization of basic principles into habit
  • The seven habits of highly successful people

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for managers, supervisors, supervisory trainees, and employees involved in teams or work groups.

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