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Facilitating Continuous Improvement Programs

Session Format:

8 Hours Total (Two 4-Hour Sessions)


After employees have been trained in statistical quality methods, it is important that the management team pursue policies designed to reinforce the training and promote continuous quality refinement. This course is a problem solving seminar designed to refine current SPC applications and expand quality improvement techniques into new areas.


The participant will: (1) examine the logic behind SPC, quality, and continuous improvement, (2) discuss problem solving techniques particularly as used for difficult statistical problems, and (3) explore expanding quality improvement efforts into new areas.

Content Outline

  • Problem definition/selection
  • Data collection/evaluation techniques
  • Solution implementation
  • Solutions evaluation techniques

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for management, engineers, and supervisors responsible for maintaining a SPC quality program.

(Training in Fundamentals of Statistics, Introduction to SPC, and Problem Solving are prerequisites.)

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