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CWD: Courses: Team and Employee Development

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Employee Retention

Session Format:

One 4-Hour Session


The longer an employee works for a particular company, the greater the investment the organization has in that employee in terms of training, education, experience, problem-solving skills, etc. Retaining good employees is becoming a top priority for many companies and agencies.


The participant will learn (1) the critical role that managers and supervisors play in keeping good employees, (2) the key factors that contribute to job satisfaction and employee morale, (3) the warning signs that employees who are thinking about leaving often provide prior to their departure, (4) how to motivate and challenge employees who appear to be on the verge of burnout, and (5) how to approach an employee who might be thinking about leaving.

Content Outline

  • The total costs associated with employee turnover
  • Factors that contribute to, and distract from, employee retention
  • Behaviors employees often display when they are thinking about leaving
  • Communicating with employees who seem dissatisfied
  • Retaining managers and supervisors: A special case

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for anyone in a leadership role who is interested in how to best facilitate employee retention.

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