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CWD: Courses: Team and Employee Development

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Teamwork and Communication

Session Format:

One 4-Hour Session


Learning to work in and for a team is a "must know" educational experience in today’s workplace. Teamwork will be the dominant form of work groups for decades to come, but teamwork cannot exist without reliable internal team communication.


The participant will learn: (1) their place in the team and how to work together with other team members, (2) the goals, roles, and procedures of the team, (3) the most effective communication patterns in teams, (4) how you can support and sustain effective communication in teams, (5) the keys to effective team fellowship and leadership.

Content Outline

  • How to participate and communicate in a team
  • Understanding goals, roles, procedures of the team process
  • How to solve problems in a team setting — a simulation
  • Review/debriefing of simulation
  • Helping the team succeed by learning the best communication styles for a team

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for managers, supervisors, supervisory trainees, and employees involved in teams of work.

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