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Introduction to Excel 2007

Session Format:

4 Hours Total (One 4-Hour Session)


This course provides the student the foundation needed to utilize a spreadsheet for business applications. Design concepts, databases, charts and macros will be examined thoroughly along with the major built-in functions. Students will design several spreadsheets both in and out of class to solve specific business problems.


The participant will learn: (1) entry and use of the three data types, (2) use of menus and commands, (3) cell addressing and manipulation, (4) saving and printing spreadsheets, and (5) creating and printing graphs.

Content Outline

  • Steps for spreadsheet design
  • Entering values and text
  • Constructing formulas
  • Working with functions, blocks
  • Relative and absolute copying
  • Formatting text and values
  • Saving and retrieving files
  • Preparing to print your spreadsheet and graph

Who Should Attend

This seminar is intended for individuals who are just beginning to use electronic spreadsheets.

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