Western Kentucky University

Diversity & Community Studies

Gender and Women's Studies FUSE Award

Gender and Women's Studies minor, Anna Nichols, was the recipient of a FUSE Grant for the summer and fall of 2012. Dr. Molly Kerby, Department of Diversity and Community Studies and Dr. Gayle Mallinger, Department of Social Work, led the project. The research/study examined the variations in sexual identification among attendees of two distinct national women's music festivals. Specifically, the study, grounded in sense of place theory, compared the sexual identification of women who attended a separatist event with those who attend a non-exclusive venue. The team also presented a workshop at the National Women's Music Festival, 32 Flavors and Then Some, on sexual identity and intersectionality. The workshop explored diverse identities and the development of a sense of place. Data from these investigations have been submitted for presentation at the National Women's Studies Association Conference, which will be held in November 2013. Work toward a national publication in a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal is also underway.

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