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Course List for Glasgow Regional Campus

Dual Credit - Spring 2014

Title Description GenEd Category Time

ART 100
Art Appreciation

Partial fulfillment of the humanities requirement for all students. Expressive, formal and technical components are explored in a manner designed to provide the student with a more complete understanding and appreciation of the visual arts.


12:30-3:15 Friday

GEOG 280
Introduction to Environmental Science

An introductory course devoted to the study of environmental issues. A general understanding of application of science to solution of contemporary environmental problems.

D1 12:30-3:15 Tuesday

PH 100
Personal Health

Examines behaviors and environmental conditions that enhance or hinder an individual's health status. In addition to exploring social and environmental factors, students are encouraged to think critically about behavioral choices that impact ones' health.


12:30-3:15 Monday

PSY 199
Developmental Psychology

A general course in developmental psychology covering the entire life span. Included are a description of growth stages, theories of development, and research methods of development.


12:30-3:15 Wednesday

THEA 151
Theatre Appreciation

A study of the literary, historical and creative aspects of the theatre. It is designed to develop an understanding and appreciation of the art of theatre from the point of view of the audience.


12:30-3:15 Friday


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