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Environment, Health and Safety


Summary of good hood practices:

  • Sash openings should be kept to a minimum.
  • Sources of emission should be kept at least 6 in. inside the hood.
  • Users should keep their faces outside the plane of the haod sash.
  • Storage in the hood should he kept to a minimum.
  • Traps, scrubbers, or incinerators should he used, when appropriate.
  • Remain alert to changes in air flow, whether or not the alarm sounds.  EH&S can check the flow rate even if the hood is not yet due for its annual performance check.
  • To save energy, close sashes when hoods are not in use.



 OSHA QuickFacts - Chemical Fume Hoods OSHA 3407 Rev. 10/2011

 Last Modified 7/22/13