Western Kentucky University


Pioneer Elite Submersible



  The underwater submersible is controlled by a simple to use joy stick.  Anyone can drive it!  The submersible is equipped with LED lights to illuminate even the darkest waters.  The device is equipped with an HD camera to show what is lurking below.  DVR recording capabilities allow you to record what the submersible sees.  Record the kids swimming or the fish as you catch it.


  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Camera: 650 line resolution, 70 ft infrared night vision, 80 viewing angle
  • Lights: Halo LED lighting system
  • Depth: 100 ft
  • Thrusters: Single thruster
  • Dimensions: 14" length, 13" width


  Submersible rentals are offered by the EMCC on an hourly basis.  Please contact us regarding pricing and availability.  

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