Western Kentucky University

Land Surveying Minor

The land surveying minor (reference number 405) will provide the student with the basic knowledge and skills needed to accomplish land surveying tasks for entry-level employment. These tasks include boundary surveys, topographic mapping, leveling, stakeouts, traversing, field note taking, distance and angle measurements, plus proper techniques and use of surveying equipment (total stations, theodolites, EDMs, and levels).

Kentucky State Board reviews its requirements for licensure as a land surveyor. As those requirements change, the requirements for the minor in Land Surveying may also be changed.  Contact Prof. Gallagher for the latest information or see the Kentucky Board of Engineers and Surveyors at http://kyboels.ky.gov/Pages/default.aspx.

Post-graduate students with baccalaureate degrees in majors other than civil engineering, mining or agricultural engineering may obtain a Certificate in Land Surveying in order to pursue licensure as a professional surveyor in the state of Kentucky by completing the following courses: (26 hours)

AMS 163 3 hours, Architectural Drafting

CE 160 3 hours, Principles of Surveying

CE 161 1 hour, Principles of Surveying Lab

CE 378 3 hours, Route Surveying

CE 379 1 hour, Route Surveying Lab

CE 380 3 hours, Boundary Surveying

CE 381 1 hour, Boundary Surveying Lab

GEOG 316 4 hours, Fundamentals of GIS

GEOG 317* 3 hours, Geographical Information Systems

GEOG 414 4 hours, Remote Sensing Fundamentals

*GEOG 318 for engineers may be taken instead of GEOG 317.

Many of these minor courses also can be used to obtain a minor or certificate in GIS through the WKU Geography/Geology Department at  http://www.wku.edu/gis/

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