Western Kentucky University

Sexual Harassment Training

Examples of Verbal, Non-Verbal, and Physical Sexual Harassment


  • Telling jokes sexual in nature
  • Referring to someone as being attractive, or complimenting their clothes
  • Discussing a person's sex life, whether true or noted to be a rumor
  • Requesting for an individual, who is not interested, to go on a date
  • Asking questions that are considered personal or private information


  • Looking at someone and making them feel uncomfortable
  • Expressions such as winking, kissing noises, or sexually suggestive lip movements
  • Written messages, emails, texts, or social media communication sexual in nature
  • Standing or sitting too close to an individual, invading their personal space
  • Displaying and/or sharing sexually explicit photos


  • Feeling, touching, or caressing of oneself inappropriately
  • Feeling, touching, or caressing someone else
  • Showing private body parts to another individual
  • 'Accidentally' rubbing/brushing against another person
  • Hugging someone without their permission  

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 Last Modified 7/3/14