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Exploratory Resources

Exploratory Resources

The Exploratory Program is an initiative of the Academic Advising & Retention Center (AARC) created to further enable students to be successful in their college experience. The Exploratory Program is for all students who are currently exploring their major options, those who have not chosen a major and those who wish to change their major. Students who utilize the Exploratory Program will find the tools and resources necessary to guide them toward a major and career path that is best suited for their abilities and aspirations.


The MyPlan website that helps you narrow your career options so that you can begin to choose a major and is made available through WKU's Center for Career and Professional Development. You can find out how to utilize the MyPlan service by going to the The Center for Career and Professional Development MyPlan Page.

WKU Undergraduate Academic Programs

Western Kentucky University offers numerous choices for undergraduate areas of study through majors, minors, associate degree programs, certificate programs, pre-professional study, and areas of concentration within majors. The full list of Undergraduate Academic Programs is provided by the Office of the Registrar. Use this list to explore departmental descriptions of WKU's academic programs.

Know Who Knows

When considering a major you probably have several questions. One of the most challenging things can be finding the right person who knows the answers to those questions. This Know Who Knows resource is a list of the majors at WKU and the main contact who can help answer any questions you have about that specific major.

What Can I Do With This Major?

You may be asking What Can I do with this Major? While a particular major may sound enticing, it is not always clear what job opportunities may follow that major. This resource offered through WKU's Center for Career and Professional Development is a useful tool for connecting career options and majors.

Top 10 Majors

The Top 10 Undergraduate Majors at WKU is a list provided in the WKU Factbook. This list is updated each fall and lists the top 10 most popular majors at WKU.

WKU College's Webpages

Each college at WKU has a webpage that you can also use to further explore their specific majors.

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