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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for Prospective Students, Current Students, and Other Interested Parties:


If you have questions about Financial Aid regarding scholarships and grants, please contact Student Financial Assistance. Phone (270) 745-2755 or (270) 745-2756 or email: fa.questions@wku.edu


Questions about tuition and fees, please refer to the 2011-12 Tuition and Fees Schedule from the WKU 2011-12 Combined Budget. Tuition and fees are subject to change and are informational only.

If you have questions about student billing or fees, please contact Billings and Receivables. Phone (270) 745-6381 or (270) 745-5370 or email: Billings.Receivables

If you have questions about Federal Perkins Loans or Residual Refunds, please contact the Federal Perkins Loan Office. Phone (270) 745- 5551 or email: Federal Perkins Loan

If you have questions about student employment please contact Student Employment.  Phone (270) 745-2755.


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