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Student Financial Assistance

FAQs About Billing / Charges

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I received a bill from WKU but I have a zero EFC and should get my entire bill paid for, correct?
NO, if your FAFSA EFC number is zero, which does not mean your WKU bill will be paid in full through financial aid programs. It simply means that you may qualify for one or more free grant programs to assist you in paying towards your university balance.

You may also need to borrow student loans, or provide out-of-pocket funds, in order to pay your balance in full, depending on how much you owe the university each semester. Please plan accordingly. Please remember to check your WKU email often as this account will be used for correspondence from our office.

How am I billed and by whom?
The WKU Bursar Office is responsible for the maintaining and ensuring the students bill is accurate. Access is also available on TopNet. You will also be emailed one ebill to your WKU email account.
I owe a balance from a prior term/semester and financial aid credited to current charges providing a refund but I still owe for a prior term/semester; why were the earlier charges not deducted?
In the event of an unpaid balance of any nature on a student's account (including any unpaid check returned by a bank), the following services will be withheld until the balance is paid in full:

Enrollment for subsequent terms/semesters
Review of Financial SAP appeal

What other financing options are available besides federal, state, and WKU financial aid programs?
Families who do not qualify for a full financial aid package or who seek alternate ways to meet expenses may wish to consider the following options: WKU's Tuition Management System (installment payment plan). Contact the Bursar's Office for additional information.
Will I receive a bill for my tuition and fees? Should I pay the balance before my financial aid comes in?
Every student will receive a bill, regardless of whether or not they are receiving financial aid. If you have been awarded financial aid to pay your tuition, the Billings Office will have access to this information. It is up to you whether you pay your balance ahead of time, and then receive a refund after your financial aid is applied to your account. If you have not been awarded, you should contact the Billings Office to make arrangements to pay your bill.
What is University Billing?
University Billing allows you to apply your books and supplies to your University Bill. The bill will also include tuition, fees, on campus housing and meal plan (if applicable). You may also bill your parking permit to your University Bill.
How do I use my University Bill to pay for my books?
You must have your WKU ID card to use University Billing at the WKU Store. Choose a cashier that accepts University Billing (marked with signs) and tell the cashier that you would like to use University Billing to charge your books and supplies.
When can I use University Billing to pay for my books?
University Billing is available two (2) weeks before fall and spring semesters begin and ends after the first two (2) weeks of classes.
How do I pay my University Bill with my financial aid?
After your financial aid is processed and applied to your University bill, you are responsible for any portion of your charges that financial aid does not cover. Simply charging items and having a zero EFC does not mean it will be covered by financial aid.
I haven't yet applied, but my bill is due soon. I know processing takes 6 to 8 weeks from start to finish. Is there any type of interim aid I can have while I wait?
No. There's no interim aid. Students often ask if they can take out private, non-federal loans while they wait for their FAFSA to be processed and their federal loans to be disbursed. Students are discouraged from pursuing this because it will still take about 4-6 weeks to receive alternative loans, and if you take out alternative loans in advance of your federal loans, you may inadvertently take out too much private loan, which you would then have to return. This can be costly. Or, if you didn't want to return the private loan funds your federal aid eligibility could be adversely affected. The best strategy is to file the FAFSA as soon as possible, and, in the interim, work out a payment plan with WKU Bursar’s Office. If you are eligible for financial aid and you have already made a payment to the Billings Office, you would be reimbursed for the amount of overpayment.
To whom do I speak about a question or problem with my bill?
Billing transactions and associated student account issues are administered by WKU Bursar’s Office, (270) 745-6381 or 6382.
How do I qualify for in-state tuition?
The determination of residency status for admission and assessment of student tuition is handled through the WKU Admissions Office (270-745-2551).

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