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Winter 2015

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Program Description

This course is a combination seminar / applied learning experience for pre-professional students in Ogden College that provides students the opportunity to learn about Kenyan culture and people while actively engaging in health-care service and education.

During the fall semester, students will participate in an introduction to Kenyan culture, geography, health care, and the epidemiology of prevalent disease in order to prepare students for a two-week field course in Kenya. Also included in the course will be practical training in medical assessment, logistical information for the field course, as well as development of a service learning activity to be implemented during the student's time in Kenya.

WKU has partnered with local area Kentucky physicians and the Taveta District Health Office to conduct rural medical clinics in the impoverished villages of the Kasigau region of Kenya. The overall goals of the program include: increasing health promotion and disease prevention through sustainable, community-based work; developing a substantive global experience for pre-medical students at the undergraduate level; gaining an appreciation and understanding of Kenyan culture and epidemiological challenges facing an industrialized third-world country while fostering a sense of social responsibility for all people.

Learning emphases in Kenya will stress addressing community-identified needs through active engagement in medical healthcare services while additionally incorporating an understanding of broad factors influencing health and quality of life.


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