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Alison McDaniel

Alison McDaniel

Historic Preservation track, 2nd year graduate student

alison mcdaniel



Alison, from Louisville, KY, graduated from Centre College with BA in anthropology and sociology. Throughout her undergraduate years Alison conducted summer research in Central America, mainly Guatemala, and presented her research and papers at various academic conferences including: American Anthropologists Association, Anthropologist and Sociologists of Kentucky and Semiotic Society of America. After graduation, Alison moved to San Francisco and worked for two years in development and admissions for a small, private school in the bay area. In 2009, Alison took a position as the Resident Assistant Director for the Centre College Latin America Program in Merida, Mexico. Additionally she spent the year conducting collaborative field research with senior anthropologist, Dr. Phyllis Passariello.



Alison ultimately plans to work in the museum field. Alison loves that the preservation track, grounded within general folk studies, emphasizes hands-on experience and practical applications of classroom lectures.

For her internship, Alison worked at Locust Grove, a historic home museum in Louisville, KY. She gained experience primarily in educational programming for children and collections care.  Read more about her internship here.  


Fun factoids:

A wanderlust at heart, Alison loves traveling and weekend adventures. In her spare time she enjoys antique shopping and checking out estate sales. Alison is the proud aunt of three adorable nephews and is looking forward to having a big yard in the future so she can adopt a rescue dog or two.

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