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Jacob Lorrin Buechler

Jacob Lorrin Buechler

Part-time Faculty, Folk Studies

Jacob Buechler

Office: Cravens Library room 601
Office hours: M,W,F 10-11am

Jacob Lorrin Buechler spent his undergraduate years (all 14 of them!) at five different universities, finally receiving his BA in Anthropology at the University of Arkansas in 2012. His specialization was in Cultural Anthropology with a mixture of religious studies and philosophy. After graduation Jacob decided to pursue a Masters in Folk Studies at Western with a concentration in supernatural folklore.

Jacob's research interests are mostly centered on construction of spaces of fear in connection with supernatural or paranormal phenomenon, how those spaces manifest, and how they are nourished culturally through narratives and belief systems. Nicknamed Ghostboy by his fellow graduates, Jacob is constantly trying to connect the extraordinary experience held within culture with professional academic standards – which isn't always the easiest task. For Jacob, the unknown is not to be taken lightly or foolishly, even with a great sense of humor Jacob takes his work very seriously.

In his spare time Jacob enjoys playing his guitar, walking his dog "Pockets" and hanging out with friends. 

Classes I teach:

FLK 280: Cultural Diversity in the United States

FLK 275: Supernatural Folklore

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