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What Do I Do With This Degree

What Do I With This Degree?

This is the question most often asked about the program. Depending on their particular career track, graduates of our program may answer that they are public folklorists, museum curators, educators, preservationists, doctoral students, film producers, and even intelligence analysts. We pride ourselves in preparing students for both professional employment or further graduate study.


Graduates are listed in order of when they completed their degree.  Click on their names and find out more about them!


gardner house  

Students from the 2011 Museum Procedures class giving a tour of the Gardner House to other students and community members as part of their semester project.  

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Jennifer Jameson (2012)

Katherine Chappell (2012)

Rachel Hopkin (2012) 

Sarah McCartt-Jackson (2012)

Amanda Hardeman (2011)

RaShae Jennings (2011)

Matthew Hale (2010)

Elizabeth King (2010)

David Puglia (2010)

Nadia De Leon (2010)

Alisha Martin (2009)

Nicholas Hartmann (2009)

Nelda Ault (2008)

Meredith Martin-Moats (2008)

Sarah Schmitt (2007)

Amanda Fickey (2007)

Michael Kinsella (2007)

Butch Ross (2007)

Ross Fuqua (2005)

Lynne Ferguson (2005)

Sarah Milligan (2005)

Jill Breit (2004)

Theresa Osborne (2004)

Andrea Kitta (2003)

Paul McCoy (2003)

Sally Van der Water (2003)

Amber Ridington (2002)

Wendy Wheatcraft (2002)

Patrick Carpenter (2000)

Saddler Taylor (1998)

Larry Morrisey (1997)

Jon Kay (1997)

Wayne Gannaway (1995)

Chip Callahan (1993)

Teresa Hollingsworth (1989)

Kelly Lally Molloy (1988)

Daniel Carey (1987)

Peggy Bulger (1975)

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