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Become a Geologist

What Opportunities are Available?

Below is a short video about some of the outstanding questions in the various parts of Geology, and why some Geologists do for a living.  There are many aspects to Geology.  There are laboratory based Geologists, Geologists that work in the field, geological consultants that work for the state or private firms, and many others.  Talk to one of us to find out more...


Why earth science, Youtube video.

What Type of Jobs are Out There?

Lots! - and too many to list here. In 2009 the "Careers in the Geosciences" page published by the American Geological Institute is an excellent source to find out what Geology is and what you can expect. Also, you could check out the FAQ - Geology Frequently Asked Questions.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you are excited about the science of Geology and the many possibilities that are available to you, then a great start would be to major in Geology at WKU. When you start taking Geology classes, you will mostly likely discover your career path and the opportunities that lay ahead. Once here, you will have taken the first step in your new career. Contact Us if you have any question or need advise.

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