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Explore the amazing movements of the heavens!


Why does the Sun rise and set? How does the Moon move through the sky? Where are the other planets amidst the stars? Join the Hardin Planetarium staff for an exciting adventure through the sky above us, in which we will answer all these questions and more! With our new digital imaging technology, we will employ state-of-the-art simulations to demonstrate the incredible truths behind the motions in the sky.


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 Appropriate Audience

Grades 3 - 12


Running Time

45 minutes, with optional Q&A period


Audience Size Limit

40 maximum (for groups wishing to bring a larger audience, click here to see some alternatives)


Academic Subjects Addressed

Motions of objects in the night sky

Additional topics for Grades 5-8: Noon - Meridian (AM/PM), Movement of Sun and Moon in relation to stars, time zones, planetary motion

Additional topics for Grades 9-12: Retrograde motion, time zones, Daylight Savings Time, celestial clocks


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Show Date and Time 

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