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Muscle of the Month:  June~July~August

Perfect Abs Challenge

For the month of June, patrons will complete an abdominal routine that consists of 3 different core exercises. The three exercises are listed below:

  • Side Planks (20 seconds for each side)
  • Reaching Medicine Ball Crunch (10 Reps)
  • Hanging Knee Raises (10 Reps)

One round consists of completing each of the exercises simultaneously for the specified amount of reps/time. The maximum rest time between rounds is 30 seconds. Timing each patron with a stop-watch is Optional. Some patrons may want to keep up with time/reps on their own. July and August will each consist of three completely different exercises.

-          Each participant will complete three different exercises:

  • Side Planks (20 seconds for each side)
  • Reaching Medicine Ball Crunch (10 Reps)
  • Hanging Knee Raises (10 Reps)

-          Notify a FC Attendant before participating.

-          If you are new to these exercises, ask a FC Attendant to demonstrate before participating.

-          Perform each exercise for the designated number of reps (or time) before moving to the next exercise.

-          There is a 30-second maximum rest time between rounds.

-          FC Attendant will record your participation on the MOM Board and enter your name into the MOM Raffle.

-          Complete as many rounds as possible, but only once per day. Participate as many times as you can over the summer to increase your score.

 Patrons can participate once per day.

The male and female who have accumulated the most rounds during the summer will win $15 Walmart cards. Also, three $10 Walmart gift cards will be awarded as raffle prizes.

muscle of the month


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