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Weight Watchers has launched a new model nationally. Under this new model members do not sign up for a location but a membership with Weight Watchers in which a Monthly Pass is valid for attending meetings in the community, as well as the workplace.  As soon as you purchase your monthly pass, you will be a live member under the new model, and can immediately print a temporary pass and attend a meeting.


Registration Details:

  1. Click HERE to log in and register.
    Company ID: 35012
    Company Passcode: WW35012
  2. Then "Purchase". After you register your will see a statement that says, there are no At Work meetings at this site (On-campus meetings will be determined at a later date*). Ignore this statement and move to the next page where you see local meetings in the community that you may attend.
  3. Click on the blue rectangular box that is on one of the meeting pages that says "PURCHASE MONTHLY PASS".  Enter credit card, debit card or pay pal information to complete the purchase.
  4. Print out a "temporary" monthly pass. You will be mailed a regular monthly pass within two weeks.  

If you need help with the online registration, please email Weight Watchers at wellnesshelp@weightwatchers.com or call them at 866-204-2885.


WKU On-Campus Meetings*:

Time: Wednesdays at noon (weigh-in begins at 11:30)
Location: Preston Health & Activities Center, Preston Family Foundation Meeting Room
Contacts: Wade Pinkard, WKU Employee Wellness Manager, 270.745.4393, wade.pinkard@wku.edu
                 Carla Reagan, WKU WeightWatchers Leader, tjrcjr.reagan@att.net

* To have on-campus meetings a minimum of 15 people will be required to purchase a monthly pass specific to WKU.

 Last Modified 7/22/13