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H4 2014 Counselor applications are now live. Click here to apply now!

Deadline for submission is February 6, 2014.


H4 2014 will take place August 12-17, 2014.


The H4 Counselor Application includes information about your Honors College and WKU involvement and previous H4 history, if applicable, and requires that you submit a current resume and cover letter detailing your interest in the Counselor position.  

Please note that an interview with Honors College H4 staff is included in the application process.  In addition to the online application and recommendation, resume, and cover letter, applicants will participate in a 10-15 minute interview.  The interview is mandatory for completion of the counselor application.  Dates for interviews will be released with the application.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit one reference via the H4 Recommendation Form.  That form can be found at www.wku.edu/honors/h4/reference-form.php.

 Last Modified 1/24/14