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Honors Credit Abroad


There are several ways for students to earn Honors credit while studying abroad.


Study Abroad Honors Credit

All Honors students who spend a semester or a year abroad are eligible for Honors hours. Upon their return, the student will fill out a form telling where they studied abroad and for how long. The Study Abroad Honors Credit form is due the same day as augmentations. The deadline will be posted on the homepage of the Honors College website.

  • A Semester in an English speaking country at an English speaking institution = automatic 3 hours of Honors credit
  • A Semester in a non-English speaking country at a non-English speaking institution = automatic 6 hours of Honors credit
  • A Combination of English speaking/non-English speaking country and institution = automatic 3 hours of Honors credit with the right to petition for 3 more hours
  • A year abroad = up to 12 hours


Honors Study Abroad Trips

The Honors College offers several trips each year that earn automatic Honors credit, the amount depending on the trip. Dr. Motley has hosted a summer trip based at Harlaxton College, many students participate in a medically-based Kenya trip each year, and the Honors College has offered a linguistic trip to Germany several times.



Study abroad trips that are not sponsored by the Honors College, such as WKU or KIIS trips, may be augmented to earn Honors credit.

 Last Modified 7/22/13